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5 More Coffee Myths Busted

Coffee has a bit of a name for itself. One minute itís damaging on your health and next it is the most beneficial drink you can have. At Espresso Espresso we love all things coffee so weíve decided to settle a few myths once and for all. Want to know more myths? Have a look at our previous blog post.


Itís a quick fix

The stimulant effect in coffee doesnít start working immediately. It is dependent upon your metabolism as to how quickly your body deals with the caffeine. Often the effect peaks in the blood between fifteen and forty-five minutes after drinking. Certain medications and pregnancy can slow this down though.


Causes insomnia

One of the main myths about coffee is that it stops you sleeping. After the body absorbs the caffeine it is mostly flushed out of the body within four or five hours. By eight hours the majority of the caffeine is gone. Therefore, whilst drinking too much coffee may have an impact on your sleeping patterns, sticking to just a few cups a day shouldnít affect your sleep. Studies show varying results too, proving that it differs hugely between individuals.


Caffeine is addictive

Depending on what is classified as addictive, coffee has its own effect on the body, completely isolated from that of drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. As a stimulant, regular caffeine consumption may cause mild physical dependence but nothing severe like the social and physical consequences of harmful substance addictions. Trying to cut caffeine out of your diet completely is not advised though. Gradually decreasing your caffeine intake avoids any issues.


Increases risk of cancer

There have been no strong scientific links between regularly drinking coffee and developing cancer. Some researchers have in fact found quite the opposite, suggesting that coffee decreases the risk of cancer and also the effects of aging. The antioxidants is caffeine have many beneficial properties.


Dark = Strong

The darkness of a coffee roast does not necessarily make it stronger. Lighter roasts can often have a stronger flavour whilst darker roasts tend to be more acidic. Darker roasts actually contain less caffeine because caffeine burns off during the roasting process! Therefore, it is entirely relative to personal preference as to how long coffee should be roasted for.


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