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Coffee shop fascination

Itís official. Brighton is currently the coffee hot spot of the UK with an average spend of £177 a head per year.

These are facts from Espresso Espresso. Research conducted by the unlikely alliance of Greggs and the University of Sterling reports that local residents are happy to spend £177 per person on coffee.

Thatís more than London! In fact itís not a little bit more, this works out on average to be £25 more per person, and thatís a fair few cups of cappuccino.

Coffee houses are booming in the area but this isnít just a Brighton thing. Since the mid to late 80s the UK has developed a penchant for coffee houses but why are they so popular?

We think itís due to the following...

Coffee houses are social environments

How many times have you met pals at your favourite coffee house and had a catch-up over a cup of de-caf? Coffee shops are sociable settings. You meet family there, arrange to see pals there, grab a quick brew with your partner during a lunch break or sit and unwind after a manic day at work.

Thereís a real sense of culture when you step inside a coffee shop. One of the founders of a well-known chain of coffee shops realised this on a trip to Italy back in the early 1980s and thanks to them we now enjoy the cafe-style culture. ††

Thereís a home-from-home feeling

The design of modern coffee shops makes you feel at home straight away. Think of those snugly settees and cosy areas where you can sit and chill with a coffee for a while.

Most people have their favourite coffee shops. They choose them especially for their ambience. And their choice of coffees of course!

Theyíre good rest stops for shoppers

Hit the shops armed with a credit card and a sense of purpose and even hardcore shoppers will need a break after a while.

Where do you go? The nearest coffee shop for a cup of something frothy and slice of cake!

This is the perfect pick-me-up. After a sit down, a coffee and slab of cake you feel refreshed and are ready to hunt for bargains once more.† †

And great places to sit and work

Coffee shops are handy places to plough through work too. J K Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book inside a coffee shop and plenty of customers use this type of setting to grab something hot and steamy whilst working from a laptop.

Need somewhere to sit, use free Wi-Fi and top up your caffeine levels at the same time? Grab your laptop, pop it inside a travel case and head to a coffee shop. Live in Brighton and youíll be spoilt for choice!†

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