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Honeybees and Coffee

Many people love coffee and canít get through the day without at least one cup. But for honeybees, caffeine provides a little extra buzz too. But how is it that something normally toxic to insects actually has benefits for honeybees? At Espresso Espresso we decided to delve a bit deeper and find out.


Caffeine is usually used as a defensive barrier for plants. Present in their leaves, seeds, and fruit, caffeine repels pests from feeding on the plant. Plants release caffeine into their nectar too, which only bees consume. It is not particularly clear why a plantís nectar contains caffeine when bees actually help aid the reproduction system by pollinating a plant though.


When bees collect nectar from coffee flowers they are given just a small dose of caffeine. It is not harmful to them but in fact very beneficial. The high-quality nectar that coffee flowers produce is particularly sugary. Many bees are attracted to the caffeine for a number of reasons. Why honeybees love coffee is very similar to why we drink coffee too!


It is no lie that coffee helps memory and it seems that bees have been making the most of this property. The life of a bee involves constantly seeking and collecting nectar from flowers. Studies on honeybees have found that caffeine makes certain flowers more memorable, speeding up and improving the process of a bee.


With this extra buzz, bees are more productive and focused. Their search for flowers is clearer, wasting no time pollinating the wrong flowers. Bees have been known to actively seek out caffeine-laced nectar in coffee plants, which is a bonus for us and the plants. They form habits like humans, preferring the nectar in coffee trees than elsewhere. Due to this a plant receives a better and more faithful pollination, which means more coffee for you and me!


So when you drink your next cup of coffee think of the honeybee enjoying the caffeine as much as you. Check out our wide range of coffee products at Espresso Espresso and buy the perfect gift or treat yourself today. Donít hesitate to contact us with any queries.†

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