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Hot chocolate is so comforting

How comforting is a cup of hot chocolate? Put it this way. This is the closest you will ever come to a mug of love. We feel soothed when we drink warm chocolate, it makes you go all warm and fuzzy inside and this is one drink that sure knows how to comfort you.

Is there a special reason hot chocolate affects you this way? At Espresso Espresso we explore a few possible causes and produce a few theories of our own.

Making hot chocolate is therapeutic

You probably donít realise how calming it is to make a mug of hot chocolate. Traditionalists will tell you itís best to add a few drops of cold milk to a mug containing powdered chocolate. Mix this together to form a paste and gradually warm a pan of milk on the hob before adding this to the mix.

Take your time to do this. Thereís no rush, if you let the milk gently simmer to the boil youíll prevent it spilling over the pan. Follow a set procedure and this starts to relax you before you even get to taste the hot chocolate.

Preparing a mug of chocolate is relaxing. Your mind is already thinking about sitting back and switching off as the rest of your body enjoys the rich, chocolaty sensation.

The aroma stimulates your senses

Can you describe the aroma of hot chocolate? Heavenly, divine and downright delicious are just some of the thoughts that immediately spring to mind. What happens when your nostrils detect a hint of hot chocolate though?

The human sense of smell might not be as strong as a dogís sense of smell but it can still differentiate between 10,000 different odorants.

Your nose detects molecules given off by different items. It just so happens, a steaming hot mug of chocolate is one of the most pleasant smells it can detect.

Let your nose enjoy this moment. Savour the smell of hot chocolate and itís such a comforting feeling.

The anticipation is worth the wait†

Having taken the time to make a mug of hot chocolate and savoured the smell as the milk mixes with the powder itís time to taste your creamy drink.

Sip it gently. Let the flavour of the chocolate tingle your taste buds and send those senses into overdrive.

Chocolate realises feel-good endorphins.† This combined to the sweetness and smell of hot chocolate makes it worth the wait.†† †

Sip a cup of creamy chocolate and the worries of the world melt away. Out of all the hot drinks you could choose, chocolate is the most comforting.

Thatís our theory anyway.

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