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Quick Coffee Facts

If you, like us, love all things coffee then why not learn a bit more about one of the best loved drinks. Consumed across the world, by people of all different backgrounds, it is no surprise that coffee has such a vast history. Full of surprises and little quirks, here at Espresso Espresso we thought we’d do some delving into our favourite hot drink, and found out these five facts.


Saucer sipping

Being served your coffee with a saucer underneath seems normal, surely. As the perfect place to put a spoon for stirring or a small biscuit, using saucers has become habit. They even collect any spills when you are carrying your hot drink. But saucers once had a very different purpose. In the 18th century it is said that coffee wasn’t drunk from a mug. Instead, coffee was poured into the saucer to cool off, before being slurped straight from the plate. A few paintings of the time actually show this happening!


Coffee careers

A number of studies have been done over the years to find out who exactly drinks coffee. The latest survey in the UK, which interviewed 10,000 professionals, found that the vast majority of people drink coffee. Many also said that they believe their work performance would be affected without it. Here’s the top ten coffee-drinking careers:

· Journalists and media staff

· Police officers

· Teachers

· Plumbers and trade workers

· Nurses and medical staff

· Company executives

· Telesales

· IT technical support

· Retail staff

· Drivers


Eating energy

Originally, when coffee’s properties were known by the people living in the areas coffee trees grew, coffee was actually eaten rather than drunk. African tribes mixed coffee berries with fat to create a little edible snack. The instant caffeine of the coffee beans and berries produced an early form of energy ball.


Corrupt coffee

Whilst alcohol caused a stir in history due to many prohibition laws, coffee was also banned at one point. In 1675, the King of England, Charles II, banned coffee houses. They had become popular places for the intelligentsia to go which worried him. Believing that people were meeting at coffee houses to conspire against him he tried to stamp them out. As with alcohol prohibitions, this only led to secret coffee meetings and a black market trade.


Scandinavian slurping

Studies done to find out how important coffee is across the world found that many Scandinavian countries top the list of annual coffee consumption per person. Finland came in top with 12kg, followed by Norway (9.6kg), Denmark (8.9kg), Netherlands (8.2kg), and Sweden (8.0kg). In contrast, the top five countries that produce coffee were nowhere on the list. Brazil in fact produces a record 54,500,00 bags of coffee, with one bag equal to 60kg!


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