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Tips For Working As A Barista

Working as a barista may look easy but it actually requires a number of different skills just like any other job. Often coffee shops and cafes can get pretty busy so managing big queues is something you are likely to have to deal with on a daily basis. At Espresso Espresso weíve come up with four top tips to help prepare you for a job as a barista.


Listen in the training

Most jobs provide some level of training before you are expected to begin and barista roles are no different. Make sure you listen in the training and ask any questions if you are unsure about anything. After the training you should have an understanding of how the machines work, where to find the cups and other equipment, and where the drink ingredients are kept. If you forget anything just ask your manager or one of the other baristas to avoid any embarrassing issues with customers.


Try to memorise the menu

No one expects you to get it right first time but when thereís a long queue and customers are kept waiting, tensions can rise. Try to memorise the menu as quickly as possible so that you know what your customers could order and how much it would cost them. You can always check the menu boards on the wall, or keep a copy of your own behind the counter. This will increase your productivity and ensure your customers stay happy.


Write down the order

Particularly when you start out it is a good idea to write down your customerís order. If they order more than one thing, especially if you are working in a cafe that serves food, writing down the order can help other members of staff that may have to deal with part of the order. As you become more comfortable and confident with the menu you might be able to start committing orders to memory, but always keep a notepad and pen handy just in case.


Stay calm and polite

It is easy to become frustrated and stressed in a cafe environment. Try not to panic under the strain though. If things start to go wrong and you forget a customerís order, serve them the wrong thing, or spill something, stay calm. Mistakes happen and can be easily fixed. When the customer is directly involved with the issue simply apologise and resolve the situation. In the case of spillages, try to clean these up as quickly as possible to avoid accidents and notify the other baristas so that they are aware.


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