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What Coffee Will You Order?

Whether you are in training to become a barista or always take ages to make your mind up when it comes to ordering in a coffee shop, get your head around the different coffeehouse terms with our help at Espresso Espresso. If you’re not a coffee enthusiast you might wonder why coffee comes in so many different forms but once you find the drink that suits you, you’ll soon understand.



Coffee in its simplest form, an Espresso is pure coffee. Without the fancy extras such as sugar, milk, foam, chocolate or syrup, if you order an Espresso you can expect bitter coffee.  Espressos tend to be served in tiny mugs as they are effectively a shot of straight coffee, made by coffee beans being extracted under pressure with steam. If you are in need of an instant pick-me-up grab yourself one!



For those wanting a bit more of a drink, try out an Americano.  Unlike the filtered coffee you make at home, an Americano is simply an Espresso and two parts hot water. You won’t have to compromise too much on the great coffee taste but can enjoy coffee without the complications and the very strong taste of an Espresso.



Created using an even ratio, a Cappucino consists of one part Espresso, one part steamed milk, and one part milk foam. For those that can’t handle the bitterness of pure coffee, this is an easy solution. The milk is typically steamed using a high pressure steam pipe on an Espresso machine, making it warm and creating the stiff foam for the top.



Much more milk is used in a Latte compared to that in a Cappucino. With a small Espresso shot and a lot of milk on top, the coffee gets considerably weakened. These tend to vary depending on the coffee house but always have more steamed milk than milk froth.



Things start to get sweeter with a Mocha. If you like your drinks fancy then this one is for you. Consisting of an Espresso, milk and chocolate, this can be made in various ways. Some places like to add a hot chocolate powder or a dusting of cocoa powder, whilst others just stick to chocolate syrup.



Coffee doesn’t need to be served warm. You can still get your coffee fix even in the middle of a summer heat wave by ordered a Frappuccino. Made with sweetened coffee and blended with ice, this is the perfect drink to sip in the sun.


Get all the ingredients to make your favourite coffee by having a look at our full product range here at Espresso Espresso. Contact us today with any questions or queries. For more coffee thoughts have a read through the rest of our blog.

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