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What your coffee says about you

We’re a nation of coffee lovers, and the rise and rise of the coffee shop is further increasing our obsession. From lattes and cappuccinos to flat whites and Americano, there are so many ways to enjoy your favourite drink. But did you know your choice of coffee might give others clues about your personality? Read on to find out exactly what your coffee is telling others about you...

  • The black coffee drinker: Those who enjoy a simple black coffee are straightforward kinds of people. They like to keep things simple and minimal, but watch out, they do have a tendency to by rather quiet and moody.
  • The espresso drinker: This is the drink of choice by those who enjoy leadership and aren’t shy of a little hard work. They can be pretty moody though, and they know how to get what they want!
  • The latte drinker: Those who like their coffee milky with a hint of foam tend to be a little on the neurotic side. They like to please people but they’re often indecisive when it comes to making decisions, so don’t ask them if they want syrup in their latte!
  • The cappuccino drinker: Espresso topped with foamed milk seems to be the drink of choice for those who are obsessive and controlling. Despite this they’re very creative people who are honest and motivated. They make friends easily but get bored with people who lack imagination.
  • The frappuccino drinker: These are the trend-setters of the coffee world. They’re adventurous, courageous, and will try anything once. This type of person does not make healthy choices in life.
  • The instant coffee drinker: Those who favour their coffee freeze-dried and granulated tend to be laid back, cheerful, and optimistic. However they’re laid back attitude can lead them to procrastinate and put things off.
  • The soymilk drinker: Those who opt for soymilk over regular cow’s milk, other than being lactose intolerant perhaps, tend to be rather high maintenance, self-righteous, self-centred, and very detail oriented.

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