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Why Buy Fair Trade Coffee

Here at Espresso Espresso we love coffee! As one of the most valuable primary products in world trade it is hard to think of a life without coffee. Many businesses are responding to the wants of consumers and considering the producers when sourcing their coffee. With fair trade coffee being sold in more and more places, including our website, don’t miss out on the benefits of drinking fair trade.


What is fair trade?

An alternative approach to conventional trade. Fair trade builds a partnership between producers and consumers allowing both to work hand in hand for a fairer future. The groups are brought together to create a more meaningful and sustainable business and lifestyle.


Where is coffee harvested?

Coffee is most commonly exported from some of the world’s least developed countries. Places such as Burundi rely heavily on their coffee industry in the international market. The largest exporters of coffee include Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia and Vietnam. Many of the world’s 25 million coffee farmers endure intensive labour, yielding little financial return.


Benefits for the farmer

Often coffee farmers get neglected but fair trade products put consideration into the producers themselves. Depending on the shelf price of the product and the agreement between producers and exporters/importers, farmers at least receive a fairer price for their hard work and time. Certain benefits for the farmers include:

  • an increase in annual incomes of all individual workers.
  • being able to set a fixed minimum price for their labour and products.
  • a lower chance for farmers to get into high interest debt.
  • aid to build infrastructure in farming communities.
  • the ability to become more self-sufficient and less dependent upon big businesses.
  • consumers and exporters having a better understanding and respect for their cultural identity.
  • an increase in health awareness and safer working conditions.
  • the chance to improve their farming practices due to more money.
  • securing a future for the next generation of coffee farmers and their families.


Benefits for the consumer

You may ask what’s in it for you if you choose to switch to fair trade coffee. The benefits for consumers are that:


  • there’s now a high number of companies and brands that offer fair trade, making it easier to find.
  • fair trade coffee isn’t necessarily more expensive; sellers with set their own shelf price.
  • you can be safe in the knowledge that you are making a difference to the lifestyles of those less fortunate.
  • you don’t have to go further than your local shop to have a positive impact.
  • you can become connected to other cultures.
  • you are guaranteed high quality products, every time.
  • it’s more fresh and just as tasty!


Environmental impact

The environmental impact of buying fair trade is less known but still a key benefit when switching. Fair trade coffee:

  • requires and rewards sustainable farming.
  • protects the health of farmers.
  • preserves valuable ecosystems for future generations.
  • is another way of helping small businesses just like buying locally.
  • ensures that the environment is not compromised which is the case in large-scale farming methods.
  • is usually grown organically due to the extra money received by farmers which can go towards more nourishing soils and  composts, and better water cleaning pumps.


If you are thinking of switching to fair trade coffee, at Espresso Espresso we offer Fairtrade approved beans roasted exclusively for us here in Scotland. Why not have a look at our other Fairtrade products from sugar to hot chocolate powder. Get in touch today if you have any queries about our products or delivery options.

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